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Visited the website and used the compatibility checker to see if my phone and tablet were compatible and it said they were. Proceeding to the signup process, it required a street direction in the address field but there is no street direction in my address so it would not let me continue.

Gave me a number to call which I did and explained I was trying to signup online to transfer my 2 devices from Verizon to them. She ran a compatibility check and said yes they were compatible. After taking my information and I was going to pay the activation fee and first month of service with a credit card, she said she got a system error and couldn't proceed with transferring the phone which she was doing first. Told me that it was because I was using a credit card that it was creating problems so I should go to retail store and purchase a service card because that would make the signup process go through without any problem.

Drove 20 miles into town to Walmart, purchased the card which was $60 plus tax ($65) and back home to call the number she gave me to call back to proceed. Second rep and explanation of what has occurred up to that point. She ran another compatibility check for the phone to start and proceeded as before using the pin number from the service card. Another system error.

When I asked her what the system error was she didn't know and transferred me to a third rep to try to get me signed up. This one said she got it to go through and started with the tablet. Reached the point where she told me that I needed to input the network access code into my tablet. When I asked her what the code was and where I was to input it into the tablet she said she didn't know.

I asked if she didn't how was I supposed to know what it was. Then she tells me I would have to check the manual for my device. I said my manual is not going to give me the access code for your network. Then she tells me that my tablet should be working on the network and that once the request succeeded in going through for the phone it would be done.

I asked so the request hasn't even went out for the phone and she said no there was a problem and that it should go out within 24 hours and that if my phone had not transferred to them after that amount of time to call back.

Needless to say at this point I am frustrated beyond belief because I had been lied to twice that I knew of, wasted 6 hours of my time, wasted gas to drive into town to purchase the service card at their request, wasted $65 for the card since she had been unable to activate my devices onto their network, and $20 which she had charged to my credit card for the activation fee. I said apparently you are not able to transfer my devices to your network for whatever reason so just forget it, cancel my request to transfer my service since you are unable to do it anyway and refund my charges and since it was their request that I go buy the service card I should be able to have that money refunded also.

Was told I was out of luck on getting the $65 refunded for the card because they are nonrefundable but the charge to my credit card would be refunded (which it has not). So my recommendation is if the signup process is this horrible, imagine what the customer service would be if you ran into a problem after getting onto their network, STAY AWAY from Total Wireless.

Jenan wrote the review because of poor customer service at Total Wireless. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $85 and wants Total Wireless to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Rexburg, Idaho, United States #1236885

oh my gosh I had a HUGE issue with their customer service dept too... Its absolutely awful.

Who even trains them?! They did a terrible job.

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