Total Wireless Prepaid Sim Card Reviews

First off; not American and youcan NOT get anyone to transfer you to America so they do NOT speak American english, so wasted time with the language issue.Second; They (customer service reps) each tell you conflicting "facts" about the service ie- texting pictures is not available if you add data during the month, phone calls do NOT work if you get low on data, 3g service is iffy and likely 1x while all other carriers are receiving 3g and...
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Bought a Total Wireless prepaid SiM card Aug 3rd. 2016 with $35 value card from Walmart, tried to activate the phone for a week unsuccessfully, went back to Walmart they wont take back the scratched card or the SiM card even though it has not been used. Worse customer service ever, they keep transferring the call to different departments and a new person comes online, you have to explain the problem again and again but nothing gets resolved,...
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I didn't like
  • No refunds for unsuccessful activation
  • Bad customer service
  • Horrible customer service