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Then I learned that Total Wireless is really Verizon, just not with 4G. I don't need 4G (my 1st gen Moto G is 3G), so I made the switch. The BEST part is, I pay only $25/mo. for unlimited talk/text, then I buy the $10 3GB data card which doesn't expire with active service. This data has lasted me FOUR MONTHS so far!! Amazing!! This is one of the ONLY reasons I will stick with Total Wireless. It is fair and doesn't waste my money and make me pay...
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  • Great value for the money
You call the customer service and they say that this is a problem with "some phones" and will be fixed in 4 hours. Well that was AT LEAST 22 hours ago. This is by far not worth the money and the most unreliable cell service there is. We are switching back to Verizon today! I will make sure that everyone I talk to knows how terrible Total Wireless is. I can't believe they are even in business. Haha! This page asks if I want to be contacted by total wireless...
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Agreed went trough the same ***!!!!!!Total scam! I swear they are all Isis- for REAL!! I have to call every month and get this code to dial in order to send any picture messages!!! And i have had servixe for 4 months now! They claim it's because I renew the service every month and so I need to reprogram it monthly! WTF???!!! Its the same number I have had for over five years and NEVER had to do anything like this with ANY other phone company! it...
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Total Wireless Mobile Phone Service Review

Add minutes every month. But every month there ia an issue. (Data does not work, cant send text or pics) spoke with managet could care less if we stayed with them or not. Very. Poor customer service.