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Update by user Dec 27, 2017

So, here it is, Wednesday..............nearly a week later and still no data!! On the phone right now.

On the plus side only about half an hour to get to 'corporate'. I don't get why it takes so long to 'look up your account'. It does not feel like they have a system where notes are left for future reference.

Each time I call the CSR states we have no data. Then they state, "system is starting up".........so far it's been 5 minutes.....

Update by user Dec 24, 2017

I jumped the gun!!! WE STILL HAVE NO DATA!!!

WHAT A PITA!! I guess it pays to pay a bit more and just go with a company that actually knows what they are doing.

Update by user Dec 23, 2017

It's the never ending story................. So now our v-mail is not working!!

They DID work before. After half a day I, the main account, got a prompt to set-up the v-mail account.

But after a day the other 2 accounts still cannot retrieve v-mails. What a pain!

Update by user Dec 22, 2017

FINALLY got through!! Their explanation was that since I am on the auto renew plan, the call & text (which is unlimited) continued to work, but that the data was not renewed.

REALLY??? If that was truly the case wouldn't data be turned off on the first day of the new 'plan' (12/05)?? We get a text 2 weeks into the plan stating we have run out??

Again, feels like phishing for those that will just add more data without looking into it. Yes, just my opinion.

Update by user Dec 22, 2017

Decided to call again. I asked to speak with 2nd level right away.

I was asked for my number, which I gave and I asked the CSR to read my tickets........ Transfered. That CSR said his records don't match what I am seeing in my account online. Asked if I would mind being transfer to another department.

I said I would not mind IF I was going to speak with a real person instead of being on hold forever.

He said OK, then placed me on hold!! Back to the Customer (I DON'T) Care wait......5 minutes so far......

Update by user Dec 22, 2017

10:47 and still no call-back!! The wait continues..........

Original review posted by user Dec 22, 2017

Once again I find myself with the need to contact Total Wireless support....something I always dread. This time we received a text message stating that we were out of data.

I was sure this was not possible, we watch our data pretty carefully. Check our phones......nope, it added up to only a few gigs & we're on a 20 gig plan just so we would not go over. Of course it feels like they're phishing for subscribers that automatically add data to their plans. Check online........oh, it shows there is just over 15gb left on our plan!!

Call tech support: * First call the guy seems to be trying to figure out how to check data usage.........then we get disconnected! * Second call the woman checks the the usage and says something to the affect that the SIM is out of data, but that the plan has 'something' and that she would have to transfer me to the department that handles that. I asked her to explain what she meant and all of a sudden she can't hear me......."are you there?"......."I hear you now"......I ask the question again......."are you there?"........LONG PAUSE...... * Third call, I ask for second level right away.

They transfer me (to someone else in the same department I am sure). I ask to speak to an American. Sorry but every other company that I have spoken with that has foreign first level support has American second level. That is my experience.

The 'second level' guy states that he can transfer me to someone else in second level, but could not guarantee it will be an American. Sure, transfer me. The next CSR is speaks clearer english, but........ I explain what is happening......text stating we are out of data, checked usage on phone, checked data usage online, conversation with previous CSR and what she said about having to transfer me to another department but her not being able to hear me when I started to ask questions.

So of course he says that he would have to transfer me to another department!!! F!!! So I choose to wait on the phone instead of a call-back. BIG MISTAKE!!

I ended up hanging up after waiting for 20 minutes. *Called up a forth time and had the initial CSR read the notes instead of explaining everything again. She did send me to second level right away. This time I chose to get the call-back, which I am waiting for now.

So far this started at about 7:30am.

It is now 9:40am You have to decide if 'You get what you pay for" is worth the savings. I'm beginning to wonder.

Product or Service Mentioned: Total Wireless Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Incompetent tech support.

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I jumped the gun!!!



I guess it pays to pay a bit more and just go with a company that actually knows what they are doing.

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