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My husband and I switched from Verizon to total wireless a few years ago. We were satisfied with our service for the most part and had no issues until this year when I got a new Samsung galaxy 10+ phone.

Once I upgraded my phone from the Samsung 6+ to the S10+, the Internet connection worked for the first month and a half and then it stopped. My calls were dropping at the rate of every 30 seconds. If I made it two minutes on a call without being dropped, Id consider myself lucky. I could also no longer receive or send MMS messaging.

I took the advice of a T.W. Customer Service Rep who suggested I may need a new SIM card. I installed that and still had the same problem. It has now been five months of back-and-forth phone calls between Total Wireless, Samsung and uBreakiFix (who I was told to take my phone to for repairs after being told by Total Wireless CS reps that it was my phone that was the problem, not their service).

I thought it was the Total Wireless service all along but after several reconfiguration attempts, they insisted it was my phone. I have since spent over 150 hours of my time trying to get a resolution to the problem. Hours on the phone and on hold with Total Wireless, Samsung and trips back and forth to the uBreakiFix store. Samsung finally authorized a total replacement of my motherboard which did not change a thing.

Still no internet connection and no MMS messaging. This made me certain it was a Total Wireless issue, but then, once again, I was told I needed a new SIM card. I told the C.S. rep that I just replaced the SIM card and had a whole new motherboard installed on my 4 month old phone!

I went out and purchase yet another new SIM card, called Total Wireless and had them reconfigure the phone again and add the new SIM card. No change!!! The Total Wireless agent said there was nothing else they could do and insisted it was the phone which made absolutely no logical sense to me. But I ended up calling Samsung AGAIN and they advised me to take it back to uBreakiFix to have the phone replaced.

I ended up surrendering my brand new phone and settling for a refurbished replacement from Samsung. Still no resolution!! No internet, no MMS messaging!!

My phone has used no data except for when I am at home connected to my internet and thats NOT when I need the service! I called Total Wireless again and then they insisted my phone was locked from Verizon and that I should call Verizon to have the phone unlocked.

I explained this was a completely different phone with a different IME number that was sent as a replacement from Samsung! Not to mention, it made no sense to me considering I was receiving phone calls and singular text messages! I went back to uBreakiFix and the manager said it made no sense to him either. Just for kicks, he removed the SIM card from his Verizon phone and placed it momentarily in my phone just to see if the internet would connect (meaning, the problem would be with the service provider, not the phone!) The phone worked!!

He looked at me and said, This is a Total Wireless problem. It was never about your phone! If it was about your phone, my SIM card wouldnt have worked! The last five months have caused me so much stress and frustration, interruption of my business calls and time (my most precious commodity).....that I am looking for another phone provider.

To top it off, I had a brand new phone, now Im stuck with somebody elses old phone all because Total Wireless failed to correct the problem from their end. I would really love to hear if others with upgraded phones are having the same issues.

My husband has an iPhone 6 and he has no issue at all. I'm wondering if anyone else with a recent model Samsung is having the same problems?

User's recommendation: Check with others who have the exact same phone model to see if it's compatible with Total Wireless Service before signing on!

Product or Service Mentioned: Total Wireless Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $770.

Preferred solution: Refund of last five months of service, price of phone and sim cards .

Total Wireless Pros: Coverage area, Cost.

Total Wireless Cons: Unable to resolve issues with service.

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