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Yesterday evening I had called to activate a phone and explain to them that my original phone was giving me problems because it had gotten wet during the hurricane we had here in North Carolina and I just had received a new one from eBay and I've had a change phone to multiple times in the two years I've had service with you and also to let you know I have two phones that I have service with you with a mistake was made that my work phone was turned off and they didn't activate the phone I wanted activated properly and they forced me in the situation that I had to go get the phone that they turned off because they said they needed the information on it in order to turn it on and fix my account I wish you would listen to the tapes and how they treated me it was horrible two days I talk to them over 8 hours two different managers I had one employee tell me that is far as he was concerned if I keep complaining about it he will ruin my account and today when we were trying to get it fixed they had no record of it and I've been with you for like I said two years possibly more it cost me money time aggravation treated horribly and I don't want anything from you please don't take this that way I want the employees reprimanded and I want an apology for the way I was talk to treated and the things they did to create more problems for me was just amazing I don't understand how employees like that work for you I am so very upset I know you record the phone calls so please my name is Donald Schaefer I'll give you both of my phone numbers 910-650-5922 and 910-3220 1918 and the dates were the 10th of this month the first call was approximately 7 p.m. and then several other calls after that and today the 11th several calls and also was told by someone who said there were a manager that you didn't have a complaint department and the employees pretty much can do what they want if I don't like your service to switch and when the last girl I talk to explain to me there was no information about my account after all those years that tells me that one of your employees really went out of their way to make things horrible for me I've never missed a bill I have auto payments to phone and for multiple years and I'm a grown man and I was almost in tears I've never seen a company run with such poor ethicsand I can understand how employees are allowed to just hang up on people talk to them like their trash threatened to room their service to make it even worse and to top it off they build me an additional two times and said it's up to me to prove it so that means I have to now go to my bank and pull up my statements for all the months that I paid I'm time and I'm going to pull up every month payment for is far back as they can go and I am going to write a complaint that explains everything specifically and a couple of the people's names that I was able to write down with their ID numbers but I do so hope please God call me and listen to these tapes or look at my account and see how they treated me horrible I just went through a hurricane that hit Direct not even 4 weeks ago the whole area around me just roid and these people that work for you just were horribly unprofessional mean unethical I'm sorry I just I'm so upset right now somebody needs to call me and figure out how to make this right and I don't want something for free I mean I want people like that not to ever again be able to treat a customer that's been dedicated for as long as I have to ever be treated like that thank you very much you have a blessed day and please call me don't put this off it was very serious thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Total Wireless Cell Phone Activation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How can hey take u seriously when writelikesomrlittlechild man.


Hi Valued Customer. This is Alex from Total Wireless.

We do apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced. As your service provider, we are determined to help you in resolving your issue. Please give us a call at 1-866-663-3633.

For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. You may also text the key word HELP to 611611 to view our self-service menu with a list of help key words with valuable information.

to AlexTrac #1584469

Please send me the proper information to talk to someone at the corporate level I am aware of that TracFone owns all of the subsidiaries total Wireless Straight Talk most people don't know there's about 30 of them maybe less but I am aware that they are the primary Consortium that owns them and I'm sure they would be very happy to hear from me and what these other companies that are actually apart of them and should be abiding by there Ethics as a corporate Giant in the industry who controls 76% of the mobile Communications now I need to get in touch with them and their corporate headquarters if someone could give me their information I would be grateful I hope a lot of people read this and understand that total Wireless is just a small part of something bigger as I have explained they are owned by the corporate Giant TracFone the original company who started it all and like I said control 76% of cell phone mobile Communications that's more than Sprint AT&T Verizon all of them they are the biggest of the corporations in the mobile industry so if you really have a complaint find out how to contact them and if I find out before you I will post it and let everybody know thank you and best wishes for everybody that has a complaint with total Wireless because they are totally disrespectful pieces of *** that don't care about anything or anybody

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