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I have been with total wireless for 4 years. I knew from day one customer service was an issue, but I decided to give it a go anyhow.

BIG MISTAKE, throughout these past 4 years I have wasted countless hours (If I had to guess at least 40 between chats and calling) trying to resolve the simplest issues with customer service or lack there of. I do not fault MOST reps because its clear they are not given the support and tools needed to do their job. We all know customer service is a thing of the past, and it has been replaced by mostly exploited 3rd world country citizens who are underpaid and overworked. However, Total Wireless takes it to a whole new level, it's as if they are trying to push the consumer to the brink of insanity.

I upgraded nearly a year ago, while on the phone I asked them to cancel an additional line (I have autopay on my plan and credit card) Just now I tried to upgrade my mothers phone and while looking at my account I see they never canceled that line! I pay all my bills, gas, groceries, other purchases with credit cards for points and to be honest if the balance appears to be about right I don't question it. It was easy for me to overlook the $25 dollar payment. They got me for over $250!!!

That's not including the fact that they sold me an iPhone recently that is now about to be no longer supported because of network upgrades. Forcing me and many others to upgrade though no fault of our own. BEWARE....... THIS COMPANY BLATANTLY TAKES FULL ADVANTAGE OF YOU THE CONSUMER AND ITS EMPLOYEES (in doing so employees don't care about you, total wireless or their job because they are taken advantage of).

I strongly urge anyone considering doing business with them to look elsewhere. It's not worth the headaches, the website sucks, its constantly glitching and freezes up (on any device new or old I have tried), making checking your account about as easy as navigating through a 100sf area, filled with 50 puppies, and trying not to step in crap.

Its insane, I've had it, take it from me the savings are not worth the time lost. I've done a lot of research, visible is based out of Denver Co, support is based in the America also run of Verizons network.

User's recommendation: Total wireless is like a narcissistic spouse! Avoid at all cost!

Product or Service Mentioned: Total Wireless Account.

Monetary Loss: $275.

Preferred solution: Refund for the line that was supposed to have been canceled! .

Total Wireless Pros: No added state fed fees.

Total Wireless Cons: Cusomer service, Insulting reps, Poor quality assistance, Customer service is a master at giving you the runaround.

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