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I currently had a paid up plan. However I can not text nor call from my phone (not even 911).

It says "call failed". If I can't make nor receive call or text then I should be able to be refunded. I havent been able to get text since I ran out of data. EVERY single month that I run out of data, I lose the ability send and receive text reliably.

People tell me they call all the time but I don't have a missed call from them. I live in a big city with plenty of verizon towers and a verizon phone. I called to see what was wrong with my phone and the first rep told me to dail *22890. When I did it said "call failed" so she told me that it's because I'm calling from a different zip code than my service contract.

I called from 37129; I live 37128. The day that I activated the plan/phone, I did it from 37129 because I was at work the same way that I am today. When I was transferred to a supervisor (Tadia was what she said when she answered), she was even more rude than the people before and did not help me at all then put me on hold or mute and never returned to the phone. She initiately picked up, she immediately put me on hold and while on hold 25 text messages came into my phone at the same time so she said "that it must be fixed now if I got messages and she can only address issues that are current".

When she came back, I sent myself a text that said "test" and I still havent received it 30 minutes later. When I asked her to spell her name for me, she said her name was "Tara" and she refused to spell it. Then she disappeared. Hold?

Disconnected? Regardless she refused to help me any further at that point. I've restarted my phone 3x. All called still say failed and no one will help me resolve it!

EVERY MONTH or at least every other month, I call with similiar problems and EVERY TIME I get disconnected, hung up on or put on hold for an hour at a time. This is work avoidment and fraud of their employees to have someone on hold for an hour and not taking other calls! In the past when I've been without service, they refuse to give me credit or a refund for the days that I don't have it. At the very minimum, Tara should be written up for her poor customer service.

If I were her boss, I'd fire her and anyone else that makes Total Wireless customer care poor. I wasn't screaming at anyone. I'm sure the call is recorded and should be listened to immediately. One of my best friend's is a tech support supervisor for Verizon.

I've had to de-esclate customers for a call center. Heck, I worked for 911 for 10 years before that. You don't hang up on people evenif you don't like them. The customer service is going to be the dowfall to this company.

With the right attitude, you can make bad coverage more acceptable. I havent been receiving text since the 13th and now I can't make calls.

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You are right. I called to switch plans.

On the phone 1 hour 40 minutes. And yes, they just set the phone down or something when you call. Ive called on 2 seperate instances, and both times I was on the phone over an hour and spoke to someone.

No more than 5 minutes of that time. They suck!

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